Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well... Better Late Than Never. Stockholm, Sweden

So, we have made it to Paris and are lucky to be staying in a flat with a Mac so we can finally update our blog! We are having an amazing time and cant believe we are already in paris, it seemed so far off when we began our trip.

Ok, back to Stockholm...

We were in Stockholm for a bit over a week and stayed with our good friend, John. It was so great to spend the week with John and explore the city. He took us to great restaurants and great city views.

Day 1

Gamla Stan was very picturesque. Beautiful buildings.

City skyline.

Cool urinals in the Modern Art Museum bathroom.

If Kevin and Neal were Swedish...
John played at a jam session in an awesome underground cave bar after these guys.

John played a few songs. It was so nice to see him perform again.


  1. Jen, we'll have to go back to Stockholm together and you can show me some more great stuff! I love the Swedish Neal and Kevin photo! :)

  2. Jill I would love to go to Stockholm with you. We could also go explore some of the smaller islands but definetly in the summertime!