Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oslo, Norway

From Stockholm, we rode a train across the country to Oslo, Norway and stayed one night with John's close friends (who were kind enough to house us for the night).

The train ride to Oslo allowed for great scenery and relaxation.


Action shot of the hole in Kevin's shirt created when it caught fire back in Iceland.

Oslo's Opera House was pretty impressive.

You can walk up to the top for a great view of the city.
View from top.
Musclemen from the top (more Musclemen to come, you just wait)

We decided to grab a drink at a Tiki bar complete with a Thor Heyerdahl shrine, Aku Aku. I had a 6 euro glass of wine and Kevin accidentally had a 30 euro glass of Japanese whisky (Nikka Single Coffey Malt 12) and still claims it was almost worth it.
Our night train to Bergen, Norway, included complimentary eye shade, fleece blanket, and elderly gentleman with the worst sleep apnia this side of the Atlantic.
Next update - Bergen, Norway. Off to bed, it is 3am!

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