Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Norway in a Nutshell

We decided to bite the bullet and take a spendy (790 NOK/person or 135.00 USD/person), all day fjord tour called Norway in a Nutshell. The tour was composed of one bus ride, three train rides and one long ferry ride. It was definetly well worth the money to experience the grandeur of the beautiful fjord country.

Believe it or not, these people shelled out the big bucks for the tour as well.
One of many beautiful waterfalls along the way.
Tour buses miraculously make their way down the steepest road in Norway, navigating multiple hairpin turns as passengers hold their breath.

Ferry through the fjords.

Enjoying the fresh air.

Kevin thinks this needs a caption to help explain the ridiculous look on his face but I think it speaks for itself.
We got to hop off the train to see this gushing waterfall a bit better.

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