Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hamburg, Germany

After leaving Aero, we rode a ferry, bus and a few trains south to Hamburg. We initially were not planning on this stop but decided to while figuring out how to get to Amsterdam.  We figured that we couldn't come this close without dipping a toe in Germany.

Hamburg is home to one of the largest ports in Europe and there are canals running throughout.

This tower is nearly all that remains of Saint Nikolai's Cathedral after Hamburg was bombed by allied forces in 1943 as part of "Operation Gamorrha".  It has been converted into the Saint Nikolai Memorial for the victims of war and persecution 1933-1945 with a museum housed in the crypt.

The church was built from 1845-1874.  This was taken from where the main sanctuary once stood
View from the top of the tower.

Flea Market!

Fancy boutiques and cafes line the main city square.

Hamburg is still very much a city under construction.

Giant pretzel was good for the first ten bites and then turned into something we had to finish because we spent 4€ on it.

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