Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Klinskidorns go to Aero

When researching which places to visit on our trip, one that Kevin was adament about seeing was the tiny island of Aero (pronounced air-roo, not arrow). The island has several small villages on it with stone houses nestled shoulder to shoulder with thatched roof cottages. We stayed two nights in an amazing campground near the shore and aside from the numerous giant spiders, we were the only ones there (once again).

Our journey to Aero from Copenhagen involved:

One train...

one bus...
and one boat.

Little boxes.
Arriving into the town of Aeroskobing, where we stayed.
Hittin the cobbles.
Aero's movie theatre.
Taking a break to eat the best picnic lunch of our trip inside a boat on the side of the road.
These little, brightly colored houses were built in the 50's for changing into bathing suits. Today they are used as daytime beach cabanas.

Our home away from home.
Lifestyle shot.
For a small island, it is actually surprising difficult to navigate. We were lost a handful of times in our two days of biking around.

Cozy cabin.
The second day the clouds broke up and we even managed a little sunburn.
Look out - windmill!
A horse is a horse of course of course.

It's possible to preserve tradition and get the Game Show Network. The people of Aero manage to have their cake and eat it too.
Biked to the northern tip of the island and picnicked on the beach.

Aero was one of our favorite stops of the trip.

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