Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amsterdam and Neve Campbell

We arrived in Amsterdam to the deafening sounds of bicycles everywhere and were greeted warmly by our host Marnie.  After chatting for a while about being born in Holland and growing up in Canada, Marnie began telling us about her own grown children.  One is a businessman, one was a stage actor, and her daughter had spent some time acting in LA and had even been in a few movies.  We may have even seen a few of them she says, namely Scream 1,2,3, and apparently a possible 4.  She followed this by observing the disbelief on our faces and fetching a family photo.  Marnie was lovely (even going as far as to fold our laundry) and we fell in love with Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and people were out all night every day that we were there.

Outdoor cafe seating along one of the canals.

The red light district.

Working girls stand in front of their windows wearing bikinis or lingerie and beckon toward prospective customers passing by. 
The red light district is not as seedy as you might think.  This group of tourists is following their guide as she carries a giant sunflower over her head.
Still life.
View from one of the countless bridges stretching over one of the countless canals.

Seriously, there are bikes locked up everywhere.  Often times we were forced to walk in the road because the sidewalk was completely covered in green transportation.
We took a canal tour to properly see the city.

Probably the biggest chinese restaurant we've ever seen, though our guide said that this one was a miniature version of a restaurant in Hong Kong that seats something like 1,500 people.

In addition to the bagillion bikes, Amsterdam also has a pretty decent tram and bus system.

These puppies were all over the place but we didn't see a single person wearing them.  You believe that?  Not a one.

Take Holland home to your refridgerator.

This was possibly the best thing we've seen all trip.

This man putts around the canals playing the most beautiful music with his crank organ mounted on the boat while he plays various horns into a microphone hidden in a sunflower.

After his performance he hoisted a wooden shoe up to the bridge with a giant telescoping fishing pole so people could put coins in it.

Seriously, we almost gave him his own post.  but you can find him online.

Goodbye Amsterdam; we will miss you.

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  1. Looking to see if Neve was in Amsterdam in May 2011 was there and saw someone who looked like her sitting bull dog cafe was it her?