Friday, November 12, 2010

paris, still in france

the centre georges pompidou houses the musee national d'art moderne

this is possibly the greatest photo kevin has ever taken

les pates vivantes on rue du faubourg had the best chinese noodles (hand pulled moments before they're cooked)

the place was packed and there was a bit of a wait but it was one of the best meals we had in paris

due to all the "manifestations" and strikes in france there was a large press and police presence in paris while we were there

these locks are on several of the bridges in paris and it is customary for a couple to attach a lock to the bridge and then throw away the key as a symbol of their love
the louvre

flying zombie saint

another good one of a zombie saint

no they're not worshipping this painting, actually we couldn't figure out exactly what they were doing but their tour guide seemed to be running the show.

one guess what all these people were looking at 
if you guessed a starbucks you were close

we went up to the the saint ouen area just north of the paris proper to visit les puces de paris

the area is one giant flea market comprised of several different buildings and lots that have everything from nearly priceless antiques to piles of junk and counterfeit nikes

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