Monday, November 29, 2010

arles and avignon

after spending a week at the chateau in ventenac we are on our own again and our first stop was the commune of arles, several hours east by train in the provence region.  this ancient roman city was packed with monuments and ancient ruins, you could throw an ancient rock in any direction and hit a piece of history.  vincent van gogh spent a year here in the late 1880's and produced over 300 paintings and drawings.

this is the skull of a monk that is on display in the church of st. trophime

our room

in the morning we walked to the train station to catch a ride to avignon

on the left bank of the rhone, avignon is a partially walled city that once replaced rome as the seat of the papacy for nearly 100 years.  many of the ramparts are still standing and visitors and locals alike walk along the ancient causeways.

the pont saint-benezet no longer spans the entirety of the rhone after partially collapsing due to flooding.  though we decided not to spend the money, visitors can still walk on the remaining portion for a fee of around 10 euros

the palace of the popes

our cozy quarters for the night

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