Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are in Stockholm!

We made it to Stockholm after traveling from Iceland to Helsinki, then Helsinki to Turku (smaller town a few hours north of Helsinki). We have walked and walked and walked and have seen a lot. Hope to post more photos soon, but not too much internet access here.

So far we are enjoying our stay in this beautiful city (imagine incredible architecture set on top of a series of islands connected by bridges and an awesome transit system). The weather is more unpredictable than back home... woke up to a downpour, two hours later beautiful sunshine, two hours later a downpour, etc. We invested in umbrellas and are much happier now.

We are having a great time visiting with our dear friend John who we are lucky to stay with. Last night we watched him play at an open blues jam session deep down in this awesome cave bar under the city. Very cool.

Will write more about our travels through Helsinki (and post some photos) soon.

K + J

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